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What is QwikCoach?

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Who Uses QwikCoach?


An ever growing number of people who love being successful.



Who Uses QwikCoach?



Colleges Students



New Hires



Experienced Workers



Seasoned Managers
























College Students

Quickly discover tips and techniques for:

  • “Getting along” and working with others in a sensible way -- even someone who may not be your “favorite” person.

  • Understanding the differences between communicating on the phone, in person, or by email.

  • Developing skills to handle change effectively.

  • Listening to others effectively to really GET what they are saying.

  • Writing in a way that communicates your message in a businesslike way -- clearly, simply, and directly.




New Hires

Strengthen your ability to:

  • Get along with any boss.

  • Work well in a team -- be a more productive team member, share ideas and contribute, and help everyone focus on common goals.

  • Be customer focused and be appreciated even if you don’t work directly with customers of your organization.

  • Be appropriately assertive.

  • Keep yourself interested and involved in meetings.




Experienced Workers

Learn new ways to:

  • Handle conflict in a meeting.

  • Stay focused on what’s important in the midst of change and chaos.

  • Act like a consultant within an organization and demonstrate competence.

  • Differentiate between key/critical goals and objectives and make certain you are on track to support the most important outcomes.

  • Communicate with senior people.




Seasoned Managers

Tap into ideas that will enable you to:

  • Coach anyone for improved performance.

  • Motivate, persuade, create an environment of motivation, and help others to succeed.

  • Understand how to set goals based on a vision and mission of what needs to be done.

  • Understand how to create practical and effective solutions to organizational problems.

  • Get projects back on schedule and back on track.




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