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What is QwikCoach?

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Who Uses QwikCoach?


QwikCoach is a must for Seasoned Managers.




Who Uses QwikCoach?



Colleges Students



New Hires



Experienced Workers


Seasoned Managers






Seasoned Managers 

Others may think you’ve got it made, but behind the smile you know that’s not true.  No matter how far you’ve gotten, you know you’re still under intense pressure to deliver outstanding results, coach others, and develop leadership skills for the next level "up." 

QwikCoach provides the support you need in all three areas with:

  • World-class coaching content to support your own development needs;

  • A coaching framework you can use to guide and support your coaching interactions with your direct reports; and

  • A leadership model and leadership coaching content that will strengthen your leadership abilities and performance and surely distinguish you from others.

QwikCoach for managers -- three unique needs -- one unique coaching solution.  

Here's the bottom line . . .

If you’re a manager, QwikCoach . . .

Supports your personal development efforts!

With many organizations slashing training budgets and making development the responsibility of each individual worker, managers who expect to keep their jobs and be successful over the long-term need to continuously refine and expand their abilities.  They need to quickly take ownership and do what’s needed to stay current and capable.  QwikCoach provides just the right amount of support that’s needed! 


Helps you to be a more effective coach!

Today most managers are expected to be effective coaches.  When managers help their teams to succeed, they succeed, too!  All too often, however, managers avoid coaching because they don’t feel comfortable doing it or they feel they don’t have the skills needed to do it well.  QwikCoach can change all that.  QwikCoach provides the support every manager needs to carry out coaching responsibilities confidently and effectively because it features: 

  • A coaching “role model” to learn from and follow – one that is easy to relate to and readily available, so you’ll always know the “right” things to say and do to help others to be more effective.

  • Relevant knowledge and information about the “people side” of job performance including hundreds of workplace-proven coaching tips and best practices designed to help people overcome obstacles and succeed in all areas related to workplace performance

  • Ongoing support for day-to-day coaching activities aimed at enhancing your ability to coach and improve the job performance of others.   


Enables you to become a more effective leader!

Today managers must do more than just make sure they get things done.  They need management expertise plus leadership skills to be successful.  Senior leadership expects them to be able to establish a shared vision within their areas of responsibility and maintain momentum toward achieving it.  This requires thinking critically and strategically – not just tactically; being both a team leader and a team player; and creating and maintaining a high-performance culture. 

In addition, workers nowadays expect and need managers who can create a high performance environment – one that makes it possible for workers to be their best. 






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