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What is QwikCoach?

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Who Uses QwikCoach?


QwikCoach is a must for New Hires.




Who Uses QwikCoach?



Colleges Students


New Hires



Experienced Workers



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New Hires

Get off to a good start!  Make a great first impression!  Easy to say, but not as easy to do – especially if you’re not prepared or have to do it on your own.  Here’s the good news!  With QwikCoach at your side, you won’t have to go it alone. 

With QwikCoach you'll have all the coaching support you need to hit the ground running, create a good impression, and continue to perform in a way that makes a strong, lasting impression, too.  Whether you’re interacting with more senior people, managing priorities, or trying to communicate with impact, QwikCoach will give you the "secrets to success" and the coaching support you need to do it “right,” get on the fast track, and stay there!

Consider this . . .

Every new employee wants to be able to hit the ground running, get off to a good start, and make a first great impression – and a lasting one.  But achieving these ends is not easy.  It takes the right mix of abilities – the ones that really count – and that means strong “soft skills,” too.

Today, more than ever before, soft skills are the great differentiator!  Your ability to engage in effective teamwork and collaboration, communicate with ease and precision, make compelling presentations, solve problems, reach sound decisions, and interact appropriately with others are among the critical capabilities that will set you apart.  They are the ones employers demand and ones you must demonstrate on your first day – and every day.  Conventional training helps, but coaching – the active, practical, workplace-tested support that QwikCoach provides --  can make the real difference.  With QwikCoach you’ll be able to:

  • Use the Personal Development Tool (PDT) to identify development needs and quickly address them.

  • Benefit from hundreds of real-life coaching tips that will help you to feel comfortable and confident about yourself and how you’re performing.

  • Eliminate the stress and anxiety associated with being “new” by anticipating situations that are likely to be challenging and getting answers to questions you are likely to have.

  • Quickly develop -- and maintain -- confidence because QwikCoach will give you fast, convenient, and confidential access to a set of universal best practices and the ability to apply them effectively.







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