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What is QwikCoach?

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Who Uses QwikCoach?


QwikCoach is a must for College Students.




Who Uses QwikCoach?


Colleges Students



New Hires



Experienced Workers



Seasoned Managers





College Students!

Whether you're still in college or about to graduate, today is always the best time to start developing the skills and abilities you'll need for rapid success in the world of business.

With QwikCoach, you'll have all the tools needed to quickly develop or improve the abilities modern businesses demand in key areas such as teamwork, communication, decision-making, managing change, leadership, and more – all the skills that  successful workers have and use effectively every day.

Here’s the inside scoop . . .

Since a college degree costs a small fortune and requires an enormous amount of time and effort, you probably think college gives you everything you need to get a great job and keep it.  Unfortunately, that’s only partially true.  Colleges typically provide some of the skills you’ll need to be successful in the world of work but not all of them.

Institutions of higher learning help people to develop good skills in their major, but most do not provide specific support for helping people to develop all of the other skills that are also required – skills related to business sense, people smarts, and personal savvy.  That’s why QwikCoach is a “must have” for college students and recent college graduates who are really serious about being successful.

A 2010 study by NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) found that among the many things employees look for in candidates, communication is number one followed by analytical skills, teamwork, technical skills and a strong work ethic.

QwikCoach provides active development support in all of the other areas college-educated individuals need for workplace success.  With QwikCoach you’ll have:

  • An ideal way to quickly acquire noticeable competence and confidence in critically needed skills and behaviors.  

  • Direct access to practical workplace coaching content and advice whenever you want or need it    . . . tips, techniques, and insights that improve your ability to work well with others and achieve success – in the classroom or on the job. 

  • A highly effective way to quickly build and strengthen abilities associated with high-potential students and workers.

  • Expert help for developing leadership qualities and preparing to be a successful contributor and leader in today’s workplace.

  • A way to set yourself apart from the “crowd” of job applicants and current job holders by demonstrating your strong commitment to self development.






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