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What is QwikCoach?

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What is QwikCoach?


The breakthrough coaching solution for the 21st century.



What is QwikCoach?



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QwikCoach -- an amazing new offer from PeopleTek --  is a web-based performance support tool that revolutionizes workplace performance coaching.

Powered by e-coach, the leading name in virtual coaching solutions, QwikCoach provides simple direct access to world-class electronic coaching support and expert workplace performance coaches.  All the help you need to build key workplace capabilities, unleash your full potential, and excel in today's modern workplace.  A sure way to achieve success today -- and every day. 

QwikCoach is available in two programs:  Silver or Gold    Compare Programs







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A special version of QwikCoach provides additional coaching support for the Leadership Journey.  Access is included at no additional cost when you enroll in PeopleTek's Leadership Journey I Program.  Learn more!







QwikCoach Is . . .

The new performance improvement tool for the 21st century. 

The personal coach you’ve always wanted and needed but for one reason or another was just beyond your reach.  It's a whole new way to sharpen the abilities you need to perform at your best today and every day PLUS all the insights and encouragement you need to keep growing. All for less than a dollar a day!


The just-in-time support you need to excel.

  • Immediate advice on how to handle everyday workplace challenges – the ones that ultimately determine workplace success or failure.

  • Direct access to additional resources for further help and support.

  • A way to work independently and at your own pace to develop skills and competencies that contribute to improved performance and success.  

  • Expert help and encouragement when you need it most – to fill the gap in critical performance support that typically occurs between your performance reviews and when you are expected to achieve performance goals that were set. 

Like having a personal workplace coach whenever you need one!

QwikCoach is the closest thing to having a "live" workplace coach who can provide the one-on-one help you want or need.

QwikCoach delivers significant value even if you have a great manager, an available mentor, or a professional coach because QwikCoach is always available  to offer the best advice -- quickly, confidentially, and expertly.