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Breaking News!

Performance Management in the workplace is changing rapidly!

Online support is on the way!

Annual is out!


Agile is in!

The need for improved performance, simple, frequent and effective ways to evaluate performance, and more coaching and targeted development of all staff is today's central performance management challenge. 

This need has never been more apparent as organizations have realized that a lack of leadership has left performance management systems in tatters with calls to transform the way performance is “managed.” 

The centerpiece of most performance management systems – the annual review – has been discredited and with its usefulness in question has come a call for a more effective approach. 

Today's answer is Agile!


Agile Performance Management (APM) is a radically new way to help people in the workplace move beyond traditional methods for planning, supporting, and assessing performance. 

As the workplace grows significantly more collaborative, social, and fast-paced the need for change becomes even greater. 

The annual review, absence of feedback, and lack of timely support are all being replaced by a new agile approach -- one that emphasizes coaching, feedback, and the timely collection and sharing of performance metrics.

It's the "new way" and it's designed to give you what every performance management system should -- the best chance to optimize performance!  


E-CoachMetrix has the answer!


A cloud-based

Performance Management Solution

that's agile and effective!