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What is QwikCoach?

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QwikCoach Testimonials


People who use QwikCoach all say the same thing -- It works!




Video Testimonials



Charlene Balfour:  IT Director, Fortune 500 Company


John Farry:  Engineer, Entertainment Company



Chauncey Kerr: Marketing Manager, Well Known Magazine



Ed Vincent:  Chief Operating Officer, Financial Technology Company




Written Testimonials



Knowledge Workers Say . . . 


My boss told me about my limitations and helped me hone in on what to change.  QwikCoach gave me the concrete help to make those changes a reality.


I like being able to get what I need in a hurry and get right back to what I was doing.  QwikCoach is easy to use and minimizes steps to get help and support.  I'm in and out quickly.  It's perfect for me.


My boss is a great coach -- but not always around.  QwikCoach is kind of like a stand-in for him.  Itís always there!


Sometimes I really do want to drill down and learn something more about something relevant to my job -- like dealing with people -- or get some great book suggestions.  QwikCoach saves me going out and looking through all kinds of resources out there to find what I need. 


Managers say . . .


I always wanted a personal workplace coach -- but I couldnít afford one.  Now I can, and itís great!


Sometimes you just need to know what to do about a situation, and that's why I like Qwikcoach.  It gives you specific and direct advice and direction -- when you need it!


Sometimes I just need a reminder to do the right thing, and QwikCoach gives me that reminder.  I can look up how to handle a situation and realize that I knew what to do -- but just needed that reminder.


Workplace coaches say . . .


QwikCoach is just excellent -- superb really.  It contains so much useful and targeted advice and coaching information that anyone needing coaching support would be wise to use it.  I think itís especially useful for coaches Ė or managers  -- anyone who is working with professionals who want and need instant access to great coaching content and advice.  But QwikCoach is not just a great tool for coaches and managers.  Itís, also perfect for anyone else who wants to excel or help others to excel in the workplace. 


QwikCoach combines excellent coaching content with straightforward advice and information and presents all of it in a style that is very clear and direct as well as easy to read and understand.  It's an ideal way to trigger valuable discussion or provide excellent reinforcement.  As a result, it provides a unique, web-based way to enrich the coaching experience and take coaching to the next level.  No one should be without it!


QwikCoach is a terrific way for coaches to provide needed and ongoing support.  Workers want and need more than one-to-one face time.  They also need follow up that reinforces needed development, and QwikCoach provides a way to provide it easily. If a coach is trying to support organizational development efforts by expanding his or her reach in the organization, this is an excellent tool for that purpose.





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