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What is QwikCoach?

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Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions?  Here are some answers.



If you have other questions, please use Contact Us to let us know or feel free to call.  Either way, we would be happy to hear from you.

Call us anytime between 9AM and 6 PM (EST)







Is QwikCoach content clear and easy to understand?

Absolutely.  In fact 97.9% of those who use our coaching content say it is clear and easy to understand!


Will QwikCoach teach me something I didn’t already know?

Very likely yes!  In fact, when hundreds of typical business users were asked, 85.3% agreed that it did teach them something they did not already know!


Will QwikCoach help me to handle a work-related situation successfully?

More than likely QwikCoach will help you to handle a work-related situation successfully.  When we asked current users, over 75% said that it has helped them do this!


Does QwikCoach require any training to be used effectively?

Absolutely not!  No training is needed because QwikCoach  is simple and easy to use.  A “Welcome” section can quickly orient first-time users.   QwikCoach also has “Help” and “Contact Us”  features that provide access to additional support.


Who provides the live coaching support that comes with the QwikCoach Gold license?

All coaching support is provided by expert coaches from E-Coach Associates.  Every coach has considerable coaching, business, and workplace performance improvement experience.


Who has access to the QwikCoach Discussion Areas?

Discussion areas are open only to licensed QwikCoach users and coaches from E-Coach Associates. 


What does QwikCoach cost?

The cost depends on the option you choose, since QwikCoach is offered in two ways: 


Access to the virtual coaching site. 

Normal price: $299.00/year 

Current price:  $259.00


Everything that comes with Silver . . .

Plus 2 half-hour live telephone coaching sessions. 

Normal price: $599.00/year

Current price:  $559.00


Can I purchase additional live coaching support?

Yes.  You can always purchase additional live coaching support, which is available in half-hour segments. 


Will using QwikCoach make me rich and famous?

Perhaps.  We just can't make that guarantee!  However, here's what we can say. 

Your work is being “evaluated and assessed” every day, and the judgments made about your performance influence a wide range of management decisions from who gets the most challenging work assignments  to who gets promoted and receives the most generous raises.  These opportunities and rewards don’t go to everyone.  Over the long term, those who excel tend to get the most recognition and rewards.

Therefore, anything you can do to strengthen and develop your abilities and demonstrate performance excellence will improve your chances of getting the recognition and rewards that come with excellence.  And, who knows? That just might mean becoming rich and famous, too!





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