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What is QwikCoach?

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 QwikCoach Gold


With QwikCoach Gold, you'll get all the virtual features that come with QwikCoach Blue PLUS  two half-hour LIVE telephone coaching sessions with expert performance coaches from E-Coach Associates. 

During the first session we'll work with you to discover new ways to unleash your potential and excel.  At the second session, we'll QwikCheck your progress and provide additional insights to help you to achieve even greater levels of success! 

Further live support is always available for those who want to purchase more.




Here's what you need to know to . . .


Access QwikCoach Gold

Once your payment is processed, you'll receive the QwikCoach Gold Welcome Package by e-mail. It will include a direct access link to QwikCoach, your unique username and password, QwikTips for getting started, and instructions for scheduling your coaching sessions -- everything you need to jumpstart your QwikCoach experience and benefit from all that QwikCoach has to offer! 


Schedule Your Coaching Sessions

Whenever you're ready, use the link provided in the Welcome Package to go to the Coaching Session Request Page.  Provide four dates and times to help us schedule your sessions.  We recommend that you have the first session at least one month after you start using QwikCoach and the second a month or two after the first one.


Get the Most From Your First Session

Come prepared to quickly describe the nature of your work and your two most important stretch goals.  Also be ready to discuss relevant obstacles to your success and to develop a plan for moving forward on your path to personal performance improvement.  Don't be concerned if this sounds like a lot to do in 30 minutes.  It is.  But remember -- you'll be working with an expert performance coach who knows the best ways to help you progress quickly. 


Get the Most From Your Second Coaching Session

During session two, you'll continue to go forward!  We'll quickly review the progress you've made and determine the best ways to accomplish any additional fine tuning you may need.  We'll work with you to continue to strengthen your abilities and take your performance to even higher levels. 


Get More One-On-One Live Coaching?

Simply click to order more!  Expert coaches from E-Coach Associates are always available to provide additional live coaching support.




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